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Transform Your single sessions into valuable packages, Products & Programs 

Create Passive & Multiple Streams Of income

The Low Cost, Low Tech, Low Stress Way

Without Increasing Your Workload

Without Loosing The Personal Touch

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Imagine Being Able To..... 

  • Be In More Than One Place At Once
  • Reach & Support More  Clients 
  • Have A Client Attracting Website That Works For You, 24/ 7 so that you don't have to.
  • Have access to a skilled and experienced support Team and resources. 

And Never Have To...

  • Book Clients Back To Back
  • Feel Like You're Selling Your Soul 
  • Learn To Speak HTML or Feel Overwhelmed by 'Tech' 
  • Become weighed down with the worry of salaries or management issues.

Combine & Repackage Your Skills So You Can increase your reach & your income without increasing your case load.

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Who Is Luana Mattey?

Business Mentor 

Complementary Therapies changed the direction of my life in every sense of the word.  

They played a major part in making it possible for me to build a successful career during which I started, built, bought and sold family service businesses in 3 different countries.  

They also helped me stop smoking, get off the dieting roller coaster that was damaging my health and they helped me save my business and my sanity during a particular tough time that went on for 6  veryyyyy longgggg years. .

I would describe myself as a realistic optimist who is pro active and relentlessly determined and I'm always looking for ways to uplift myself and others. 

I think better with pen and paper and I prefer 'real' books even though I love the opportunities the internet has given us.

Founder Of The Business School For Therapists

Creator Of The Profitable Private Practice Program

Proud Advocate For Complementary Therapies

Believes That Your Success Hinges On You

 Developing A Head For Business That Is Always Guided By Your Heart